About Behçet’s UK (formerly Behçet’s Syndrome Society)

Behçet’s UK (formerly Behçet’s Syndrome Society) represents all Behçet’s patients in the UK including those yet to be diagnosed. We strive to secure the best care for all Behçet’s patients and assist their carer’s, parents and relatives. Reducing time to diagnosis, adopting consistent criteria, is our top priority; sitting alongside ensuring that members diagnosed with Behçet’s receive access to timely effective treatment together with best practice care and pathways.

Raising comprehensive awareness of Behçet’s amongst all clinicians within NHS primary, secondary and tertiary care is vital in achieving these outcomes, together with promoting research into the cause, effects, treatment and management of this rare, complex and debilitating lifelong disease.

Having helped to establish three Behçet’s Centres of Excellence in England, we now lobby for proper comprehensive care in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.