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We are happy to give more details of any fundraising ideas on request and support fundraising ideas in any way we can. We can offer talks on the disease itself, and this site contains many medical papers that detail both research and basic advice. However much you donate, as you can see below, every little helps.

Here’s what your funding could help us achieve:

  • £25.00 could help us to form new support groups around the country
  • £50.00 could help us to fund newsletters for people on benefits who cannot afford the membership fees
  • £100.00 could help us to maintain our website to keep our information up to date
  • £250.00 could help towards the costs of our annual conference
  • £750.00 could help to fund a GP awareness programme and reduce diagnosis times.

As a small organisation with limited expenditure, we appreciate all gifts however small. Joining the Society enables you to keep up to date with the latest medical advances and treatments. The fees help to fund all our communications, including this website and a printed newsletter. You can join here, or for more information please email or ring 0345 1307328.