Volunteers urgently needed!

The Society Urgently Needs You …..Can You Help to Make a Difference?

The current Trustees need to recruit more members to the Board to allow the Society to continue with its work.

The Trustees have overall control of the Society and they use their skills and experience to actively help and support its everyday running.

There are six main responsibilities of a Trustee:

1. To ensure that the Society is carrying out its purpose for the benefit of the members.

2. To comply with the Society’s constitution.

3. To act in the Society’s best interest.

4. To manage the Society’s resources responsibly.

5. To act with reasonable care and skill.

6. To ensure that the Society is accountable.

We are currently planning an exciting Family Weekend, looking to fund more research and planning our annual conference. We have other ideas for the future but there are very few of us to take these forward.

Whilst we would welcome interest from those who have Behcet’s, we would also welcome anyone who is a carer, parent, family member or partner who could help the Society in this way.

The Society is financially secure but we need more trustees with time and enthusiasm to enable us to do more for our members

We meet every two months by teleconference and twice a year face to face.


Have you some time to spare and a good listening ear? Do you know about Behcet’s? Are you in the UK? Would you like to help make a difference to people living with Behcet’s or seeking a diagnosis by providing information, listening and signposting over the telephone? If yes, we would like you to apply to volunteer with the Society. In return we would offer training, guidance and ongoing support.

If you are interested in either of the above please email us at info@behcetsdisease.org.uk