Win £25,000 every week and help us raise funds


The Weather Lottery is still running and the Society has raise some funds in the last year or so from members who have signed up. Each month we hear of participants who have won various sums so the system does work and we get a percentage of the entry fee. We hope as many of our members and supporters as possible will sign up and win some money for us all.

This idea is used by many charities large and small; it is a way of raising money whilst taking part in a weekly lottery to win £25,000. You can sign up from our website (click on the link from our fundraising section) or direct at the Weather Lottery which has an entry for us on their website, call 08442510509 or visit


The trick is to forecast 6 temperatures (numbers) across Europe and at £1 per entry to win such a large amount must be worth a try. There are of course prizes for getting some of the numbers right as well as the big prize for guessing all 6 numbers so go on sign up and join the fun. We get a royalty for each person playing in our name, so please encourage all your friends to sign up, and those in work please encourage your colleagues to take part. It’s easy, the more that sign the more we get. Good luck and thank you for helping to make the work of the Society better known.