Caring for those with a rare complex and lifelong disease.

The Behçet’s Syndrome Society has been established as a charity for over 30 years (Registered Charity No. 326679) and represents Behçet’s disease patients and their carers in the UK. Equally importantly, we exist for those not yet diagnosed with Behçet’s disease and those who think they may have Behçet’s disease. Behçet’s syndrome is a rare disease. The terms Behçet’s disease and Behçet’s syndrome are used interchangeably on this website and refer to the same condition. Rare diseases are often misunderstood and are the orphans of the NHS; this is perhaps understandable given that GPs may never see a patient with Behçet’s disease in their working life. However, for the undiagnosed Behçet’s disease patient, this can prove to be a very difficult time.