Donate to us when you sell on eBay!

It’s not often that a really good ‘win-win’ deal comes along, which benefits everyone and effectively costs you nothing.

We are very pleased to announce (as long time eBayers and supporters of the BSS) that after a lot of effort by Julie Collier and others to jump through the many necessary hoops, the BSS has now been set up as a charity on eBay.

It is totally up to you how much of an auction you wish to donate to the charity, but the really brilliant twist is that even if you donate as little as 10% of your auction outcome to the BSS, eBay will refund your selling fees. For many auctions, this will mean that sellers’ fees normally payable to eBay effectively go straight to the BSS, so it costs practically nothing to you, and benefits to the charity are huge – all those small, but frankly annoying, £1.50 eBay fees you would have to pay anyway will soon add up for the benefit of Behçet’s disease patients.

All you have to do is remember to click the “Charity Auction” option and pick the BSS from the list.

So, if you are a keen eBayer, or only use it once in a while, why pay eBay when your fees, maybe plus a little extra, could go straight to the BSS? Happy eBaying everyone, and tell your friends. We have to smile every time we list something now… no fees to eBay, just a donation to the BSS!

(Text by Peter and Louise May)