Patients in Wales with Behçet’s – Access to Specialised Commissioning

The Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee (WHSSC) is responsible for the joint planning of Specialised and Tertiary Services on behalf of Local Health Boards in Wales

The application for funding of the referral of Welsh patients to the designated Behçet’s Centres of Excellence must be made by the patient’s local Consultant to WHSSC.

This can be done by the Consultant completing a “Prior Approval” application and attaching a copy of their referral letter to the Behçet’s Centre.

The application should be sent to

Please note that WHSSC only funds diagnostic and management advice from the expert centre, ongoing care and treatment is provided by the patient’s local Health Board.

If there are any questions, please contact the WHSSC Patient Care Team on 01443 443443 ext.78123