Amanda Moseley

Amanda Moseley has been a solicitor dealing with Family Law for the past 36 years. She was born in Oxford but has lived in Derby for the past 15 years, where she also runs a voluntary Child Contact Centre. Amanda first read about Behçet’s 14 years ago when she was looking for explanations for her 9-year-old daughter’s mouth ulcers. She had no idea how familiar that peculiar name was going to be in her future.

Ruth was 13 when she was diagnosed, and died of pancreatic problems when she was 18. The intervening years were full of the usual rounds of disbelief and drugs that eventually failed. Anyone who remembers Ruth will know that she was a Behçet’s Warrior who gave support and shared information throughout her teenage years – and fully intended to Chair the Society as soon as she was old enough! Amanda feels that the least she can do is to carry on the fight for Ruth and do her best to help in any way that she can.