Catherine O’Hara

Catherine is our newest Trustee. Some of you may already know her as the support group leader for patients with Behçet’s in Scotland. Catherine has Behçet’s herself so she is all too aware of the difficulties around diagnosis and being referred to a number of specialists, who often don’t talk to one another. She hopes that her appointment to the Board will allow her to raise greater awareness of the condition both in Scotland and the rest of the UK and to work towards breaking down some of the barriers for patients in terms of diagnosis, medication and equity of care and in giving patients a voice.

She has worked as a teacher, development officer, consultant and latterly a lecturer in Teacher Education at Dundee University.  She hopes to use her experience of research to contribute to help the Society’s Research Strategy which is so important for all those with Behçet’s.

Since retiring she has been involved in charity work both for Behçet’s UK and Skin Conditions Campaign Scotland, an umbrella organisation supporting all those with skin diseases. This has given her a good insight into how a charity functions and she hopes to bring this experience to her new role.

Catherine lives in the picturesque village of Kinnesswood with her husband, and she has a married daughter and a three-year-old grand-daughter. Her interests include line-dancing, art, crochet and genealogy.