Hazel McLachlan

Hazel lives in Edinburgh with her family. She was diagnosed with Behçet’s disease in 2009, having had unexplained symptoms for several years. She joined the Society in 2009 and has learnt a lot more about the condition both through personal experience and by attending AGMs and the International Patients Conference. She has also gone along to the Rare Disease UK days at the Scottish Parliament. Hazel originally worked in the NHS as an administrator before having her children (now aged 20, 18 and 15). Over the past few years, she has worked for a charity Christmas card company as she had been one of their volunteers for several years. She is also involved in a local charity supporting elderly people and those with dementia in her community. She enjoys listening to music and has been trying to learn the piano for several years, although progress is slow.

Hazel feels that she has benefited from the support the Society has been able to offer her, and would like to try to give some of her time back to the Society. She was delighted to be asked to be a Trustee.