Rachael Humphreys

Rachael was diagnosed with Behçet’s in 2004 after becoming suddenly unwell in early 2003, just 6 months after graduating in theatre acting and moving to Manchester. She got married in 2005, moved to Cardiff in 2007, started a paediatric nursing degree, and had her first baby, Joseff, in 2013. After maternity leave, Rachael began working on a public health campaign that aims to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children; it is her ambition to become a paediatric diabetes specialist nurse.

Rachael has actively represented patients from Wales with Behçet’s by attending Rare Disease Day and working alongside Genetic Alliance UK attending forums to discuss and feedback on the Plan for Rare Diseases. She also set up the Support Group for South Wales in 2013 and currently arranges meetings twice a year, around September and March. Rachael aims to contribute to the development of the Society with her enthusiasm, experience and knowledge. She feels very privileged to represent the patients of Wales however, and wherever, she can.