Financial aid

Grants policy – The Society will provide grants to help people who are in hardship because of Behçet’s disease, and who have been members of the Society for at least 6 months.

Grant applications have to be considered by the whole Committee and can seldom be given quickly for emergencies. To provide a grant, the Society will need evidence of the amount needed, such as a written estimate or a bill, as well as evidence of need, such as proof of being on benefit or a letter from a social worker, doctor or other appropriate authority.

Grants are considered on the basis of being of direct help over a reasonable period of time to the member. Grants applied for must be a one-off item; regular payments of any sort are not considered. There is a £1000 upper limit to grants. Sums can be put towards other money collected for more expensive items.

For information regarding the application process contact the administration office on 0345 1307328

Or email

Travel expenses to medical appointments for those on benefits or low incomes can sometimes be claimed through the NHS. Please see this page for details.